Rhea Embeddable Client

Engage with your customers more effectively

Take your customer service to the next level by utilising AI powered live chat agents with the Rhea Embeddable Client. Rhea can used to provide professional and tailored live chat functionality; with support to be trained on your content and workflow. Rhea can fulfil a range of scenarios from: enquiry handling, lead generation, real-time assistance and customer support.

Whether providing support or trying to capture enquiries, Rhea can be adapted to meet the needs of your clients at times that suite them with availability 24/7 AI powered agents never tire.

With the Rhea embeddable client, businesses can offer seamless live chat functionality, providing instant support and personalised interactions to their customers. Enhance customer engagement, improve satisfaction levels, and build strong relationships through AI-driven conversations.

Create your own AI assistants trained on your data

Build Persona’s, fine-tune responses and test chat interaction

The Rhea Embeddable client is used by your site visitors to interact with your integrations. To build, chat with and fine-tune your models and/or persona’s you use the Rhea Generative Framework and it’s optional assistant application the Rhea Generative Client.

Deploy fine-tuned models, persona’s and function handling with the embeddable client

Rhea’s output can be constrained to meet your requirements; whether you need a support agent that can guide users through various process, or additions to your onboarding processes such as AI powered enquiry handling.

Rhea Embeddable – Live chat functionality

Enquiry handling and live chat support

Rhea’s live chat functionality along side enquiry handling services can feed data directly in to supported systems; by consuming RestAPI services, Rhea can gather required information that you define and process that data by submitting it directly to your systems.

Out-of-the-box support for the following integrations

  • Luna WMS (Rest API)
  • WordPress (Rest API)
  • Webhooks (Mattermost/Microsoft Teams)
  • SFTP transfers as JSON or XML
  • Email – emails the captured data in both plain text and with a JSON attachment.
  • Support for training on custom Rest API endpoints

Integrate with and expand on functionality

Rhea can be expanded and trained to integrate with your systems;

The Rhea Embeddable component is used in conjunction with the Rhea Generative Framework serving as the embeddable web-app; it enables a rich chat like experience for interacting with the Rhea Generative Framework. Designed to be used in a wide range of applications from; enquiries to lead capture, and other more complex tasks.

Designed to work for you, with your systems and your data

Rhea’s focus has been on extendibility and support to customise and tailor deployments to client needs.

The foundations of Rhea support backends such as: Microsoft Azure AI, OpenAI, Hugging Face, custom backends

These can be used individually or in combinations subject to your deployments

Rhea’s magic sauce sits atop the backend and drives the generation for message responses; constraining, sorting, evaluating and responding.

Customisable embeddable client

With many options you can customise deployments of the Rhea embeddable client, featuring options (as found in the Rhea Embeddable WordPress plugin):

  • URL       
  • Authentication Token    
  • Cryptographic Hash Secret          
  • Additional CSS  
  • Title      
  • Sub-title              
  • Call to action text           
  • Allow chat contents to be exported/saved as a text file. 
  • Enable the new chat button, clear the current chat contents and reloads.             
  • Limit the length of messages sent, anything passed the length is truncated and replaced with: …             
  • Limit the length of message responses, anything passed the length is truncated and replaced with: …             
  • The embeddable client uses local assets from the plugin; disabling this requires additional CSP and CORS configuration. 

Custom Chat UI Theme for your Brand

The Rhea Embeddable Client includes support for tailoring the theme to your brand.

Rhea Embeddable – AI powered agents and live chat

Rhea Embeddable news and updates

Disclaimer & Notices

Important: This service and it’s associated application is intended for use with Rhea Generative Framework (RGF), the Rhea project is comprised of several modules you can read more about them on the Rhea Generative Suite page.

The demonstration of the Rhea Embeddable client available on our site has various constraints imposed to prevent abuse:

  • It is intended as a demonstration only and as such Rhea has been constrained to find out what the matter is and then try to convert that in to an enquiry.
    • If you interested in other more specific demonstrations consider getting in touch with a description of your use case.
  • Messages sent to and responses from Rhea have a character limits.
    • There are limits on messages sent and responses received under the hood.
    • And hard limits that will results in truncated output with: …
  • You are subject to rate limits and hourly limits.
  • By using this the demo client you acknowledge the above and agree to play nice.
  • All demo output from the preview client is logged.
    • Logged data is stored no longer than 30 days.
  • Please do not share personal information through this preview of Rhea it is intended for public preview/demonstration purposes only.

Terms & Privacy Policy

Your use of the service and/or application: Rhea Generative Framework and it’s components from Oddineers Ltd. is subject to the following: Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.