Rhea Embeddable Client

Unlock the Full Potential of AI

The Rhea Generative Client is an web-app available designed to empower businesses by effectively harnessing the power of AI to meet their specific needs. By offering a user-friendly Chat UI and seamless integration with the Rhea Generative Framework. The client application enables a rich chat like experience for interacting with the Rhea Generative Framework or other compatible services*. It simplifies B2B clients’ access and interaction with AI systems, facilitating the development of robust and versatile integrations.

A simple chat-like interface

With its user-friendly messaging-like interface, the Rhea Generative Client makes it easy to send and receive messages to and from authenticated endpoints. Seamlessly communicate with AI systems like OpenAI, AzureAI, and Hugging face LLMs, and unlock the full potential of their capabilities.

Seamless Interaction with Rhea Generative Framework

The Rhea Generative Client is a powerful client application designed to enhance your interactions with the Rhea Generative Framework and other compatible services. Whether you’re a business or an individual, this intuitive tool opens up a world of possibilities for leveraging AI capabilities in your projects.

Custom Chat UI Theme

The Rhea Generative Client includes 3 built-in themes; these are built using our simple and extendable theming framework to enable you to build bespoke theme with your distinct branding.

Note: custom branded themes are currently only available for the Rhea Embeddable – Live chat service; plans to allow custom theming/testing within the Rhea Generative Client are already in the works.

Rhea Generative Framework services and integrations

Live Chat Functionality

The Rhea Generative Client can be used by your employee to enhance productivity. Dependant upon your deployments options you could serve responses trained on your own datasets. Or utilise our Persona capabilities and model fine-tuning to generate responses adapted to your requirements.

Front of office/front of house services

Rhea can be used for customer facing services like live chat. Build, train and fine-tine your own persona’s with the Rhea Generative Framework and accompanying Client then deploy the bot to your website with the Rhea Embeddable client all tailored to your purposes and to meet your strict quality requirements.

Enhanced Capabilities

By integrating the Rhea embeddable client, businesses can unlock enhanced capabilities, including:

  • Fine-tuned Models:
    Tailor AI responses to match your specific requirements. Fine-tune models to provide customised and contextually relevant outputs.
  • Persona Additions:
    Further control the AI-generated responses by adding additional personas. Fine-tune the AI system to align with your brand voice and style.

Engage with your customers more effectively

Take your customer service to the next level utilise live chat with the Rhea Embeddable Client, built on the foundation of the Rhea Generative Client. Offering live chat functionality, businesses can provide real-time assistance and support to their customers, powered by AI.

With the Rhea embeddable client, businesses can offer seamless live chat functionality, providing instant support and personalised interactions to their customers. Enhance customer engagement, improve satisfaction levels, and build strong relationships through AI-driven conversations.

Additionally we intend to allow the Rhea Generative Client to be used with your own services; we will release documentation to support this closer to the time.

The Rhea Generative Framework enables rich integration in to AI service such as OpenAI, Azure OpenAI and other open-source models enabling businesses to harness AI LLM (large language models) for their needs.

Rhea Generative Client news and updates

Disclaimer & Notices

Important: This application is intended for use with Rhea Generative Framework (RGF), the Rhea project is comprised of several modules you can read more about them on the Rhea Generative Suite page.

*Note: by compatible services we are referring to the ability for an third party to build a backend that is compatible with the Rhea Generative Client’s Chat functionality. We will be providing documentation on how to support this soon.

Terms & Privacy Policy

Rhea Generative Client – Requires: Android – Type: Utility Price: £0