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Persona’s Module

Personas can be used with the AI integration to shape and contain responses to specific subject areas. This module allows you to use several predefined persona’s or to create your own persona’s.

Persona’s can be installed on a user or global context:

  1. User context means that the persona will be applied to that user’s response only.
  2. Global context means that the persona will be applied to all users’ responses across the entire system.

Persona’s enables Rhea’s responses to be restricted to certain topics; limit responses and ensure certain personality traits. She can be trained to sign post users to particular types of content. If you have the right access she can query private data

Includes a Chromium Extension that can integrate with the Rhea RestAPI to allow you to save, edit and retrieve persona’s directly from the browser.

The Chrome extension enables secure communication to Rhea without needing to be logged in to Luna.

Rhea’s Rest API

The Rhea Generative Framework offers a comprehensive Rest API that includes the following capabilities:

  • Completions: Generate high-quality content based on user input and the AI model’s training data.
  • Chat: Facilitate natural, conversation-like interactions with AI systems for a seamless user experience. Converse and interact with Rhea over many topics or utilise personas to create focused “assistants” in particular subject areas.
  • Document Generation and enhancement: dedicated endpoints for document generation and enhancements. By supply document template data and client questionnaire data in specific formats Rhea can extrapolate and populate templates for review.
  • Persona Controls: Create and manage personas to customise and fine-tune AI-generated responses, aligning with specific requirements.
  • Instructive: Harass persona’s to generate content based on persona constraints, user input and the AI model’s training data.

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