Rhea Generative Framework

Rhea is a rich framework and family of products providing integration in to services such as OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, HuggingFace support and/or self-hosted LLM’s. Here are some example features and use cases supported by Rhea:

  • A chat bot within services like Mattermost or Microsoft Teams.
  • A embeddable live chat assistant with various controls for constraining and defining outputs.
  • Personality & role building tools.
  • Full data control and private data query support when using self-hosted LLMs.
  • And so much more!


A Speech to Text transcription utility built for Android with additional Wear OS enhancements.

Coming soon

Luna WMS – Workflow Management System

A workflow management system designed for the modern day; featuring:

  • rich integration in to phone systems,
  • support for inbound call popup with enquiry lookup.
  • UI driven workflow builders.
  • rich reporting suite.
  • document templating & document generation.
  • electronic signature support with multiple providers.
  • and much more.


A weather summary & announcement utility with cross platform support including Android.


GLaunch application icon.


A utility for quickly accessing Google services