Transcribable is a speech-to-text application built for Android and enhanced with a companion application for Wear OS.

Transcribable is a powerful and versatile speech-to-text application designed to make it easy to convert speech into text with your Android device, and even enhances the experience with the optional use of a Wear OS device.

The Android application enables fast and reliable speech-to-text functionality, there is support for manually editing results. The application supports library management, allowing you to create one or more files, and share them with other applications as text or as a file.

Transcribable also includes a Wear OS companion application designed to further enrich the user experience, compile notes directly from your wrist. With similar support for speech-to-text the Wear OS companion transfers transcriptions created from your Wear OS device, saving them directly to the Android application for easy access and management. The editor area even renders speech transcribed from your watch, making it easier to review and edit your notes.

In addition to the core features, Transcribable offers several Pro features that further enhance the application. With the ability to specify speech-to-text recognition language separately from your device language, you can transcribe speech in multiple languages. Users of the Pro version are provided with advanced Wear OS support, allowing you to control the transcription listener service and transfer transcriptions made on your watch to your Android device.

With connectivity checks for Wear devices and easy transcript retrieval, Transcribable is the perfect tool for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient speech-to-text solution. Download Transcribable now!

Transcribable Android & Wear OS functionality

Android Application

Quickly capture speech as text and organise your transcriptions in to notes.

Continuous Listening Support – Adaptive Theme Support

1. Listening demonstration

3. Continuous listening customisation

2. Continuous listening customisation

4. Listening stops when the max retry limit is reached

Material You – Adaptive Theme Support

Main Screen

Main Screen

Settings Screen

Settings Screen

Wear OS Companion Application

Wear OS users can use the Transcribable companion app to capture transcriptions created on their watch and send them to their paired Android device.

Seamlessly capture notes directly from your wrist and compile them under collections on your primary device.

Available Now

Transcribable is available now for all on the Google Play store.

Application Updates

Support FAQ

Below we have included a information we think you may find helpful and/or to reference should you experience any issues (we hope not). If you continue to have any issues please reach out to us via our contact page and we will try to remedy your issue.

How does the transcription feature work on my watch?

When making a transcription from your watch with Transcribable, please note that if your watch doesn’t have its own data connection, it will use the data connection from your phone. The process involves the watch sending the request via Bluetooth to your phone, which then uses its data connection to obtain the results and sends them back to the watch. This data flow remains the same regardless of the connectivity method your watch is using.

If you are experiencing issues with transcriptions, it is likely related to data connectivity. You can check the signal strength on your devices using the standard feature on Android or consult the help documentation for your smartwatch for more specific instructions.

Clearing app caches on your watch may also help improve performance.

What are some tips for improving my experience with the app?

Here are some general tips that may enhance your experience with the app:

  • Avoid keeping your device in your pocket or concealed in something, as this can hinder data connectivity. Instead, place it in a high location, assuming it is sheltered, to optimize data connectivity.
  • Keep in mind that Bluetooth transmission distance is approximately 10 meters without obstructions.
  • If you are using a SIM on your smartwatch for data, be aware that having it on your wrist and being concealed in a shelter or similar environment may weaken the signal. It is recommended to rely on your phone’s connectivity whenever possible, as this can also improve the watch’s battery life.
  • Setting up a WiFi hotspot on your phone and connecting your smartwatch to it may provide better connectivity if you have a strong data signal on your phone. Please note that this option has not been extensively tested.

My Pro purchase is not activating/registering within the application.

This issue can arise when there are multiple Google accounts present on the device; if for any reasons you have reinstalled the application recently and your purchase is not activating the issue is likely linked to installing the Transcribable application under the wrong account. Your Pro purchase is bound to the account it was purchased on.

Resolution: To fix the issue uninstall Transcribable from the devices and then under the Play Store before re-installation check and switch to the account which you made the Pro purchase under. Once you have confirmed the purchasing account, reinstall the Transcribable application; any data you had previously should be preserved.

Under Data Policy what does “App activity: Other user-generated content” mean?

In relation to Transcribable this relates to application install statistics, crash statistics and error log information which is collected by Google Play’s reporting services. Oddineers Ltd. does not store, process or handle in any transcriptions created with Transcribable. For more information please review:

Under Data Policy what does “Data can’t be deleted” mean?

No data is collected means that we cannot delete what we do not posses.

Legacy: What is the persistent foreground service?

Note this is only applicable if you’re using a legacy version on older devices (earlier than Android 9).

Inmost instances the persistent service is not required unless you wish to have a persistent notification linking to Transcribable always shown. The notification will show the last sent message received on the device. It is not essential for receiving notification from the Wear OS device to the Android device it is used to enhance the experience and provide some additional functions on older devices.

Older devices and devices struggling to keep background services open will find this functionality useful.

The persistent service will only start once it is enabled and when the application is not in the foreground (active). To test you can access preferences under Transcribable > Settings and manually start the persistent service.

Disclaimer & Notices

* Available for Pro users.

** Sharing support is subject to the available applications installed on the device and there supported capabilities (intents).

Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Terms & Privacy Policy

Your use of the application: Transcribable from Oddineers Ltd. is subject to the following: Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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