Transcribable – A Speech to text app


A speech-to-text app for Android and companion for Wear OS.

Quickly capture notes and share your transcriptions with other applications. Transcribable supports the conversion of speech to text using your Android device or Wear OS watch. The Mobile application collects your transcriptions in a file enabling you to easily refer back to or export notes stored on your device.

The device application can perform speech-to-text or optionally provides support to run a light weight service on your device that processes transcriptions created and sent from your Wear OS device saving them to the Android device application.

The viewer area renders the text transcribed from either the device or the Watch. Transcription also support sharing to other applications on your Android device as text or as a file.

Android Application

Quickly capture notes through speech to text and collate them or save/export them to other applications.

Wear OS Companion Application

Wear OS users can enable the transcription listener service to send transcriptions created on their watch to their paired device.

Available in Early Access

Transcribable is now available for Early Access now on the Google Play store.

Core Features

  • Speech to text (STT).
  • Share support for exporting transcribed files to other applications as text or as a file*.
  • Customisable transcription filenames.
  • Copy transcription contents to clipboard.
  • Day/Night theme support.

Pro Features

  • Specify speech-to-text recognition language separately to the device language.
  • Additional quick access for changing transcription filenames.
  • Support for manual editing on transcription view area.
  • Wear OS Support:
    • Control Wear OS transcription listener service.
    • Transfer transcriptions made on Wear OS to Android devices.
    • Connectivity checks for Wear devices.
    • Customisable Notification settings.
    • Transcript retrieval (Device > Watch)

Support FAQ

Should you have any issues please reach out to us via our contact page and we will try to remedy your issues. Below is an reference that will be expanded over time.

My Pro purchase is not activating/registering within the application.

This is likely due to there being multiple Google accounts present on the device; if you have reinstalled the application recently and your purchase isn’t showing the issue is likely due to installing the Transcribable application under the wrong account. Your Pro purchase is bound to the account it was purchased on.

To fix the issue uninstall/remove Transcribable and then under the Play Store check and switch to the account which made the Pro purchase under. Then once you have confirmed the account reinstall the Transcribable application; any data you had previously should be preserved.

Disclaimer & Notices

* Sharing support is subject to the available application installed on the device and their supported capabilities (intents).

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Terms & Privacy Policy

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