In the rapidly evolving business landscape, having a robust Workflow Management System (WFM/WMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is crucial. It empowers your business to effectively track and manage customer interactions, leading to improved customer satisfaction, better decision making, and ultimately, business growth. At Oddineers Ltd., we specialise in developing custom CRM solutions that can adapt to your unique business requirements and processes.

Under the skilled leadership of Steven Brown, we have developed Luna, an efficient workflow management system with a versatile document templating framework and electronic signature support. Born from our innovation lab Oddineers, Luna is designed to adapt to various business areas and has proven its value as a Workflow Management System for our clients. Luna’s modular design means it can integrate with many electronic signature providers supporting Dropbox Sign and Adobe Sign out-the-box; with support for expansion to any other service provider that offers RestAPI, making it a flexible solution for businesses of all types and sizes.

We have also designed an extensive Rest API for Luna, enabling third parties to integrate seamlessly with our systems. This smooth integration allows for a transition of enquiries to and from third parties, complete with extensive Ad tracking support.

Moreover, our founder Steven Brown has shown the capability to transform business operations through technology. An example of this is the successful redesign of the first response department into an autonomous call centre using a combination of knowledge and custom-developed software. This transformation significantly contributed to the department’s productivity and growth.

Additionally, we’ve developed unique solutions such as optical image recognition technologies to identify and extract data from documents and methods to clean up poor quality documents. We’ve also developed bespoke integrations for devices like the Kuando Busylight, demonstrating our ability to meet unique business requirements.

Whether you need a full-featured CRM system or a specialised case management solution, Oddineers Ltd. has the experience, expertise, and innovation to deliver a solution that propels your business forward.