In today’s digital age, businesses require more than traditional telecommunication systems. They need modern, flexible, and feature-rich solutions like VoIP, SIP, and WebRTC that can cater to their evolving needs. We at Oddineers Ltd. understand these requirements and have the expertise to deliver innovative and robust solutions that fit your business.

With a decade-long experience in the telephony technology space, our founder, Steven Brown, has provided consultation and development services for numerous VoIP/SIP/WebRTC projects. Our expertise extends to dealing with various wholesale telephony carriers, including Twilio, Magrathea, and Nexbridge, which ensures that we can select and customize the best solution for your specific needs.

We also handle complex tasks such as compliance enforcement (including Ofcom complaints and resolutions, end-to-end call encryption enforcement), and wholesale billing accounts. Our experience in integrating with custom wholesale billing platforms and systems further enables us to provide comprehensive telephony solutions.

Notably, we’ve developed an autonomous secure call recording client access portal, allowing customers to login and retrieve various call recordings made at the carrier/network level. This ensures that all calls to and from their phone system are securely stored and easily accessible when needed.

Moreover, our team has significant experience in creating custom VM images for platforms like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. This enables us to build tailored, efficient, and cost-effective telephony solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure.

We are well-equipped to address the challenges and leverage the opportunities presented by VoIP, SIP, and WebRTC technologies. So whether you’re looking to set up a new system or improve your existing one, our expert consultation and development services can deliver a solution that drives business growth and enhances your customer service capabilities.