Preview: AI powered live chat agents using the Rhea Generative Framework + Embeddable client


We are proud to announce our AI powered live chat agents. Using the Rhea Generative Framework with our Rhea Embeddable module, you can embed AI powered live chat services directly on your website.

If you are wondering where the demonstration is our this site directly; we are preparing a public preview due for release over the next few days. If however you would like a private demonstration with some more tailored to your business area please consider reaching out to us.

What is so unique about Rhea?

Rhea can be trained to ask specific questions, collect required and optional information, capture leads and enquiries and submitting them to external system using services like Rest.

More advanced use cases allow Rhea to utilise your own systems and/or data to formulate answers to questions or perform actions.

Demonstration scenario

In the demonstration below Rhea has been trained for use within the legal service sector. Rhea’s output has been constrained to the legal area and information gathering.

The goal for this demonstration was to train Rhea to capture new leads and politely reject everything non-legal related.

  • Rhea’s knowledge is constrained to legal advice.
  • The training ensures that Rhea gathers a minimum amount of required data before opening an enquiry.
  • Confirm with the user that they wish to open an enquiry.
  • Rhea can create enquiries against Luna WMS using a RestAPI.

Demonstration example 1

Demonstration example 2

Alternative demonstration example 3

This demonstration differs slightly to the above; it is trained to discuss topics on Rhea and AI powered live chat services and the benefits they can bring for businesses.

The examples only gather a handful of details from the visitor to convert in to an enquiry. With additional requirements you can build Rhea out to assist in a variety of tasks.

Data submission example

Here’s an example of what one of the submission above would look like submitted to a content management system like Luna WMS, note this is just an enquiry with 4 required fields and a summary:

The results are impressive; Rhea can reliably answer questions, capture and convert information in to new leads based on the visitors consent and submit the new leads directly to the site owners CRM (if supported, requires CRM to have Rest API. No RestAPI? Consider Luna WMS as a enquiry capture system).

Are you interested in providing your clients with the option to use a AI powered live chat assistant tailored to your needs available 24/7?

Maximise your potential to capture leads and onboard clients.