New open-testing release for Transcribable available – Android OS 1.08.02


Introduces support for accessing custom speech recognisers installed on the devices such as Futo Voice Input.

Table of Contents

  1. Changelog


Android OS app (339010802)

  • Added support to select and customise the speech recogniser used by Transcribable.
    • Lists all available speech recognisers as a user preference.
    • Predominately added to support Futo Voice Input from package (org.futo.voiceinput). Added layout selection preference:
  • Additional user preference to customise the primary layout between top/bottom toolbar.
    • Improved support on Samsung devices and added Dex enhancements.
    • Dex mode utilises the top toolbar to maximise editor area.
  • Google billing library updated to v7 (Play Store release).

Learn more about Transcribable.

Try out the new functions in the open testing branch available at:

A special thanks to Futo for their Futo Voice Input package. Their offline on-device speech recognition package is very impressive.