New release for Rhea Generative Client – Chrome Extension 0.8.2


Various refinements when clearing/starting a new chat; adds support to copy highlighted text to the Rhea Client through the right-click context menu.

Table of Contents

  1. Changelog

Note that support for speech-to-text will only work in supported browsers currently limited to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.


WebApp / Chrome Extension / Android Client:

  • Reworked: New chat functionality; when triggered it now provides the ability to optionally clear local chat when clearing working bot memory.
  • Adds password manager support:
    • Username is the server url.
    • Password is the authentication token.
  • Improved confirmation message feedback.
  • Adds support for copying highlighted text to the Rhea extension:
    • Tip: the functionality can be utilised by highlighting the text in the browser to be copied to the extension then “right-click” and in the content menu an option to: “Add to Rhea: <highlighted-text>” will be available.

Learn more about Rhea Generative Client and the Rhea Generative Framework.