New release for Rhea Generative Client – WebApp & Android 0.7.1


Adds support for creating and editing personas directly from the client.

Note that support for speech-to-text will only work in supported browsers currently limited to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.


WebApp / Chrome Extension / Android Client

  • Added a persona editor that enables the creation and modification of persona entries.
  • Improved persona list view adding a toolbar with buttons to access:
    • Activate persona
    • Copy uuid
    • View creation dates
    • Edit entry
  • Style and theme improvements:
    • Revised message box sizing on lower resolution devices.
    • Improved theme colour consistency.
    • Positional fixes for the dialogue buttons on lower resolution devices.

Android additional changes

  • Disabled support for TTS and STT whilst a native Android implementation is developed.

Learn more about Rhea Generative Client and the Rhea Generative Framework.