Unveiling Luna WMS an adaptable content management system embracing AI through the Rhea Generative Framework


We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Luna WMS (Workflow management system); built from 10+ years experience working with content management system and case management systems.

Luna redefines how you onboard your clients by providing you with the tools to rapidly deploy adapt to both your own and your clients requirements.

A brief summary highlighting key functionality found in Luna WMS

Before we delve in to Rhea Generative Framework integration; within Luna WMS an enquiry represents initial contact with a client. Businesses using Luna WMS have many types of clients, in the legal world these clients could be referred to as claimants and the enquiry when accepted becomes a case. In the medical industry they may refer to clients as patients. Others may refer to clients as recipients; Luna supports the ability to customise these labels to your own requirements.

For the context of this article they will be referred to as clients. This article is broken down in to the following three primary parts:

  • Enquiry questionnaire creation
  • Document template creation
  • Enquiry processing including document template merging

The Enquiry designer within Luna lets users define powerful templates that make up the enquiry questionnaire.

The designer lets you define one or many questions in addition you can declare agent telephone scripts to serve as guidance when speaking to any client on the phone. Here’s a brief summary on support on capabilities within the enquiry designer:

  • Agent notes let users point out important details to the agent without disrupting call flow,
  • Declare fields as required to ensure they are captured before allowing advanced actions like document generation.
  • Enquiry questions that declare ID’s additionally become usable as document template tags simplifying document templating support.
  • Constrain answers to specific input types such as: text, large text, date time, numbers, select and multi-select.
    • Selects and multi-selects allow designers to specify the values available.

Enquiry questionnaire creation

Where does AI come in to the picture and how does it improve workflow?

The Rhea Generative Framework has numerous integrations within the Luna WMS system. Rhea has knowledge on the enquiry designer and how to configure and deploy all aspects of the enquiry designer. The Rhea generative framework can be used to generate prototype sets of questions complete with agent scripts, note and field types. From this you can expand and personalise the generated details to your needs.

Document template creation

Luna WMS document templates support a similar configuration; Rhea has been configured to support assisting users in document template generation.

Rhea can generate entire document templates based on your requirements (automated) or tweak and amend parts of the document (assisted).

Luna also exposes the system document template tags to Rhea that can be accessed and utilised when generating document templates.

Document templates include a verification stage; controlled by user roles templates creators need to have their document templates validated/verified for use by a user with a template approver role. This gives businesses higher level of control and consistency on generated outputs.

Enquiry processing including document template merging

Within Luna users working on an enquiry have the ability to assign document templates and dispatch the processed variant of the document to the client.

Users of Luna can utilise the Rhea integration to help improve document templates and rewrite them based on responses the client provided in the enquiry stage (enquiry questionnaire).

The document merging assistant allows users to define additional (optional) requirements that they wish to include in the document regeneration.

Users have the ability to review and manually modify and tweak documents.

The Rhea Generative Framework integration demonstrated here grants Rhea knowledge on most areas of the Luna WMS system and knowledge can assist in rapidly prototyping entire workflows and there supporting documents.

The Rhea Generative Framework is highly adaptable, the functionality and integrations discussed here are proof of concept and demonstrate real-world use cases that embrace and utilise AI.

Many of the these examples demonstrate just some of the functionality that can be achieved when utilising AI within a CMS.