New PWA release for the Rhea Generative Client – 0.8.2


A new dedicate web variant (PWA) for the Rhea Generative Client is now available at:

It features the majority of the functionality found in the Chrome Extension and several enhancements. The PWA variant offers an alternative method to utilise the Rhea Client and where supported provides installation method for devices (and browsers) with PWA support.

The PWA can be accessed using the link below, if you’re interested in an account to utilise our Rhea Generative Client please reach out to us.

Supported browsers and/or devices

  • Desktop browsers such as: Chrome, Edge, most Chromium based browsers.
  • Android compatible with most Chromium browsers
  • iOS (in regions supporting PWA)

Please note that the installation method may vary depending on the device/browser used.



  • Reworked: New chat functionality; when triggered it now provides the ability to optionally clear local chat when clearing working bot memory.
  • The PWA provides improved functionality through dedicated caching mechanism.
  • Compatible in most modern browsers with additional support for offline installation.
  • Adds password manager support:
    • Username is the server url.
    • Password is the authentication token.

Differences between PWA and Chrome Extension

  • The functionality: copying highlighted text to client is not available and only available in the Chrome Extension.

Learn more about Rhea Generative Client and the Rhea Generative Framework.