New release for Transcribable available – Android 1.07.10 & Wear OS 1.02.06


Stability improvements specifically for Redmi & Xiaomi devices and several adjustments to the Wear OS application to meet new changes to policies on the Play Store.

Table of Contents

  1. Changelog


Android app (3390107010):

  • Addresses a crash on Redmi & Xiaomi devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pro purchase button on some devices was in accessible.

Wear OS app (339110206):

  • Removed app colour theme from Navigation and Action drawers; now defaults to black change is to meet changes to Google Play policies***.
  • Adds rotary scrolling to main application screen.
  • Reduced bottom action drawer to 3 actions: initiate, retrieve, insert date/time;
    • Removed newline, open on device, and check connectivity actions (connectivity checks are now part of the automated checks from home screen).

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*** If you have the Pro variant of Transcribable you can still override the Wear OS theme using the Android application 😃.