Our Mission

Today, we’re recognised for our ability to craft cutting-edge software solutions that blend functionality with simplicity, and user-centric design. We’ve grown into a formidable force in the tech world, leveraging our expertise to solve complex problems and create value for businesses.

Our mission at Oddineers is three-fold.

  1. First, we’re dedicated to pioneering technological advancements, constantly pushing the boundaries and embracing the new. As a testament to this, we’re excited to introduce our newest addition: the Rhea Generative Framework. Rhea represents our leap into the extraordinary world of Artificial Intelligence, designed to provide businesses with bespoke AI solutions, from AI chatbots to intelligent data analysis. Learn more about our AI development services.
  2. Second, we’re committed to delivering high-quality software that empowers businesses. Our flagship products, Rhea Generative Framework and the Luna WMS (workflow management system), embody this mission. Each product we develop is carefully designed with our users in mind, offering powerful features and seamless integration capabilities. All designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and elevate the customer experience. Find out more about Luna and our workflow management system.
  3. Finally, we aim to foster meaningful relationships with our clients, based on mutual growth and success. We don’t just deliver a product; we embark on a journey with our clients, providing ongoing support, continuous improvements, and innovative solutions that evolve alongside their businesses.

In our world, technology is a catalyst for change. It is an enabler that helps businesses operate more efficiently, serve their customers better, and achieve their goals. With the recent expansion into AI technology, we’re helping businesses stay ahead of the curve, capitalising on the transformative power of AI to make smarter decisions, automate routine tasks, and enhance user engagement.

The future of technology is here at Oddineers, and we’re excited about the possibilities it brings. We invite you to join us on this journey, to discover the transformative power of technology, and to see how our innovative solutions can propel your business into the future. Should you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Let’s shape the future, together.

Steven Brown, Software Engineer & Director